The notion of equality according to F1SHS

On the 19th of June 2019, F1SHS published an e-mail he sent to the R.E.F. (the largest amateur radio association in France, with more than 5500 paying members) in which he demands that his real fake DRAF association (for which he is the only active member) be considered equal to any other amateur radio association, and therefore has the same weight on any decision to make for the entire ham radio community.

F1SHS du DRAF suggere que sa voix vaut autant que celle des 5500 membres radio amateurs du REF


Dear Jean-Louis, Dear All,

Please allow me, on behalf of the DR@F association, to congratulate you for your election at the REF. I am responding here on behalf of the board of our DR@F association F1UOT Olivier, F4ACD Romain and myself F1SHS.

The DR@F will support the inter-association action to defend the amateur radio frequency spectrum. We accept any volunteer (skilled) allowing us to reach our goal. 

However, we would like that all debates be regulated by a few rules:
One association duly registered = One vote, one person and only one representative.
The group can use a ham consultant having a particular experience on a topic. The consultant cannot vote

A way to participate with honnesty…

When a ham radio would like to help the community getting things done, several options are available. There are existing large ham radio associations which were founded well before F1SHS came to this world, having existing relationships with the french administration. F1SHS could join these large associations, demonstrate his motivation to help others and his selflessness. If he is truly altruistic and honnest about his intentions, there is no doubt that he will be quickly promoted to the board of these large associations and will be able to contribute to the changes and preserving amateur radio ressources. This approach has the tremendous benefit of taking everyone’s opinion into consideration.

… and the F1SHS way

But F1SHS doesn’t do teamwork or take other’s opinion into consideration. F1SHS already demonstrated that he doesn’t want to discuss with the amateur radio community. He wants to force his decisions on others.

So to reach his objectives he will create a loophole that will allow him to bypass the system. He creates his own real-fake association in order to appear like a french ham radio community representative, and claims he should have an equal decision power as other ham radio associations (who have hundred of real members):

L'égalité selon F1SHS

Another confirmation that F1SHS is the only person behind the DRAF association is that he adds in his proposal the unusual condition”one person only to represent each association“. In creating this rule, he normalizes the fact that he is only the only one representing his DRAF association since everything seems to show that he is the only one managing it .