Discovering F1SHS

F1SHS is a french ham radio operator, who likes controlling amateur radio ressources, at the expense of the rest of the community. French hams have tolerated his actions for a while, but enough is enough!

F1SHS Toolbox

The DRAF: the real fake association

F1SHS method to silence criticism

Partially-anonymous public communications

To communicate over social medias, F1SHS uses generic accounts (@DigitalHam, @DMRFrance, @P25France), giving him plausible deniability. It is his preferred medium to threaten, manipulate and create/aggravate controversies, and ultimately killing any enjoyment in the hobby.

His personal twitter account @f1shs however is restricted. And while he posts half-hidden behind group accounts, he is ironically blaming others not to post under their real identity !

Controlling amateur radio ressources

One of the main characteristic of F1SHS is his obsession to control as many public amateur radio ressources as possible. With F1SHS there is no sharing, ressources are seized and managed on behalf of the others!

The F1SHS mentality

This article posted by F1SHS under his association “DRAF” which he is the permanent president of, is a prime example of his mentality. Judge for yourself:


And so, two TG208 are now connected to the DMR-MARC network which will undoubtedly create serious issues on the network. The main problem is a “loop” which is some sort of never-ending communication that is self-generated while the stations are no longer active.

This malicious act contributes to the noxious DMR situation in France. Our project DMR-FRANCE is systematically attacked, belittle since its inception, and we are also personally victim of threats of violence.

Everything goes to make us abandon our project: Counterfeiting, defamation, insults, threats. This group now tries to contact sysops of repeaters connected to our network to convince them to switch to theirs. Ham-spirit ?

But we will keep going and already several lawsuits have been filed to defend ourselves from this group of offenders.

The DMR-FRANCE (r) Project.

DMR-FRANCE was created by the DR@F association on 19 may 2014. It is a trademark registered and protected at INPI (national number 4093284). It is a project initiated by a group of amateur radio enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge. It is also a network that allows anyone to connect its own repeater or to create a region containing up to 16 repeaters.

As everyone knows, Amateur Radio is a HOBBY. These are people who just enjoy talking in walkies-talkies and experimenting with radio. But for F1SHS, this is about trademarking, property, and legal actions! According to him, you can’t come up with other network than his, you can’t offer amateur radio repeater owners to give them an alternative network, you can’t use the words “DMR France” together because those are his intellectual property, and you can’t have a negative opinion of his work because it’s an attack.


How F1SHS is attempting to destroy a wildly popular digitial DMR network that he hasn’t been able to take control of in France

F1SHS managed to take ownership and control of DMR+ in France. Later, Brandmeister came among with amazing features and the sysops of repeaters connected to DMR+ quickly switched to the Brandmeister servers. Unfortunately, Brandmeister doesn’t accommodate for server administrators to control repeaters and talkgroups in their region. So not only F1SHS wasn’t able to obtain the first Brandmeister server in France, but he quickly understood that that he will not be able to reign on amateur DMR Radio in France. So he is now attempting to smudge Brandmeister reputation and promotes the next generation of DMR+ which will guarantee him control of amateur radio DMR in France.

Exemples of French amateur radio harassment

  • F1SHS also sent a similar letter to the radio passion online amateur radio store.

F1SHS method for a website to rank first page of search engines and smash website with similar topics

This is a description of the technique F1SHS put together to guarantee his website first page in search engine results

Ripping full credit for a group effort

F1SHS Pierre Bernard s'attribue tous les mérites d'un effort commun

On his personal website, F1SHS is taking full credit for achievements made by a team of amateur radio. He is indeed claiming that he is the sole reason for the french authorities to allow digital radio modes in France: “Thanks to my action, all amateur radio operators can use digital modes”. In reality, F1SHS only obtained from ANFR a temporary permission to operate digitally for a few months, which has not been renewed. It the R.E.F. (largest amateur radio group in France) who initiated communicated with ARCEP – and invited F1SHS at the table – and ultimately convinced this administration to authorize digital mode for amateur radio in France.

But on F1SHS website, the R.E.F. efforts are entirely omitted, and he appears to be the only one to be responsible for this significant change of amateur radio legislation. Hamspirit !

And with all that…

F1SHS attempts to become the frequency coordinator for all repeaters in France !