F1SHS last resort : lies, threats and manipulation

As announced a few weeks ago, the personal association of F1SHS “DRAF” no longer has the monopoly of CCS7 requests validations for the French amateur radio operators. Enough requests have reached Hans DL5DI (dl5di @ darc . de) who assigned Manuela from the ham-digital.org team as an alternative choice to validate the french amateur radio licenses. Several ham operators have already followed the steps and were able to get a new CC7 created for their call-sign (formatted 208 _ _ _ _) without sending any document to the DRAF.

As recently commented F1SHS cares very much for his monopoly and we can now witness that he wants to keep it so bad that he is ready to lie to the french amateur radio community:

F1SHS ment à la communauté radio-amateur française

Always the same group of #hams trying to muddy the waters for the validation of the #DMR ID. This game has been going on since 2015 with the same waffle seller wearing suspenders. No, Manuela which we personally know will not perform any validation in place of the DR@F.
(note: “the waffle seller wearing suspenders” is a reference to a french amateur radio well known in the community)

This is here a pure lie, which shows that not only F1SHS is not someone you can believe but that he is also willing to do anything not to lose his monopoly of CCS7 validation for French hams.

But the evil doesn’t stop here!

To prevent the true information about validation alternatives from spreading, F1SHS will push the nefariousness all the way to manipulating the french amateur radio community into believing that anyone disseminating this information would be guilty of a crime for which they would be prosecuted, just like he has done with others (note that since december 1st, 2019 F1SHS pinned at the top of his twitter feed a message in which he prides himself in succeeding to obtain a conviction against another ham for defamation, and uses this victory to demonstrate what he is capable of).

And so F1SHS uses a fallacious reasoning to associate the fact of publishing this true information with a crime of propagating wrong information and harassing him, and threaten anyone who would of legal prosecution:

F1SHS manipule la commaunauté radioamateur pour l'empêcher de diffuser de vrai informations

We find the same #hams in this tweet, authors of #harassing online site f1shs(.)com / Dmr-France matter / fundraising / Electrolab / Lawsuit in progress => re-twitting or publishing would be considered as being the perpetrator of these actions.

EXCLUSIVITY – F1SHS /DRAF’s monopoly on validating CCS7 ID is no longer! The #hams are liberated from the dictatorship#DMR #DSTAR #P25 #Brandmeister #IPSC2. Send your documents to the validator of your choice register.ham-digital.org/contacts.php

And so it seems that F1SHS is willing to do anything to reach his goals. Lies, threats and manipulations are not off-limits.