F1SHS’ method to steal a domain name

F1SHS really wanted the domain name dmr-france.fr , but unfortunately someone else registered it before him. F1SHS went for dmr-france.org  but he really wanted the .fr !.. So here is the method he used to attempt to gain ownership of the domain wants so much:

Step 1: register a trademark with INPI (french equivalent to Patent & Trademark Office) matching the domain name he wants to steal.

Step 2: send a cease and desist letter to the current domain owner, threatening of legal actions for the use of a protected trademark.

Step 3: ask to settle for a transfer of domain ownership:

(original e-mail here)

From : DR@F President <president@draf.asso.fr>
Date : 17 december 2015 at 19:39
Subject : domain name dmr-france
To : <current domain owner>
Cc : board@draf.asso.fr <bureau@draf.asso.fr>


We have noticed you changed the content of your website to stop using our brand dmr france.

If you did this in an effort to settle this dispute, this would be a good initial step. To finalize this matter, I suggest you transfer without delay the domains dmr-france.fr and dmr-france.net to us.

You just need to login to your registrar’s portal and request a change of ownership.

Link to ownership change on the OVH registrar for a .net domain

Link to ownership change on the OVH registrar for a .fr domain


Best Regards,

Association DR@F – Digital Radioamateur France
28, rue Jean Bonal – 92250 La Garenne Colombes
Web: http://draf.asso.fr – http://dmr-france.org
Délégation du réseau DMR-MARC (208 – France)
Contact : president@draf.asso.fr

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