F1SHS’ stranglehold on amateur radio ressources

One main characteristic of F1SHS is his obsession on getting a stranglehold on as many amateur radio resources as he can.

The last one he was able to get is the validation of the CCS7 identifiers, which are mandatory for using the digital amateur radio networks D-STAR, DMR-MARC and BRANDMEISTER DMR.

Although he is a 2-or-3 person amateur radio association operating in secret, F1SHS managed to get an exclusivity with the European CCS7 amateur radio database despite the fact that him or his association DRAF are not recognized by any ham radio amateur in France.

He then created a set of rules for applying for such an ID, including sending a copy of the personal amateur radio certificate which in France is considered as confidential. Amateur radio operators in France have the choice to opt for being on the “Orange List” which prevents their name and address to appear on the French public listing of amateur radio call-signs.

The only thing that F1SHS would have to do for “verifying licenses” is to simply ensure that the person inquiring is using a valid and current amateur radio call-sign. Even if a copy of a license is sent, he would have no way to find out whether it is a legitimate or made-up document.

The R.E.F. (#1 amateur radio association in France with 5000+ members) has published a note where they explain that they have asked F1SHS/DRAF to co-validate the CCS7 ID requests from french ham operators, which F1SHS has refused.

Considering how harmful the actions of F1SHS have been to the amateur radio community over the past years, most of the ham radio operators do not want to have to do anything with him and would rather not ask for a CCS7 ID rather than having to communicate with him and send personal information to him and his fake ham radio association.

Using his Twitter account @DigitalHam, F1SHS has reported to the administration the ham operators using their foreign callsigns in France and vice-versa, despite the fact that it is completely legal.

Amateur radios have tried to work around this and request an ID from the North America database. F1SHS then immediately attempt to get the ID canceled because it didn’t go through him.

F1SHS’s right hand man has published a twitt, in which he suggested that all french amateur radio repeaters should have a CCS7 assigned, to which  a ham responded “maybe you should stop the stupidities. now you want everything to go through you???”

F4GQK pour le DRAF : tous les relais devraient avoir un ID CCS7

F1SHS decides on his own to ban amateur radio operators and sysops whenever he thinks himself is appropriate, clearly abusing his monopoly. The below twitt says “The Sherifs @DigitalHam (twitt handle for the DRAF association) hit again. The Brive gateway no longer has a numerical ID. It was however a public access experiment to promote DMR in that city. The DMR promotion can only to through an obscure association, it’s outrageous”

@DigitalHam DRAF F1SHS Sherif DMR