F1SHS true nature: insults, threats and intimidation

After F1SHS presented himself as a victim on his Twitter account, an amateur-radio operator asked him to be more specific and suggested that there might be nothing to complain about. Finding himself publicly cornered since he is only a victim of himself, F1SHS went back to his good old reflexes and showed everyone his true self in demonstrating the disdain he has for those who he pretends to serve and represent. If they don’t share his opinions or worse if they have the audacity to contradict him, they will be met with insults and threats. And this, despite the fact that the ham operator was asking a legitimate question without being insulting nor threatening:

F1SHS injurie et intimide un radioamateur en public

F4TUG: Hmmm where is the “slander” Calimero¹ ? Are you feeling that persecuted ? An association President (managing DMR in France right?) behaves like this ? In need of recognition to go on about this on Twitter ?

F1SHS: F4TUG I don’t need a bastard like you to lecture me. If you don’t know what harassing and slander are, a judge will explain it to you. Most importantly stay very far away from me.

¹ Calimero is an Italian-Japanese animation character. This name is commonly use in France to denote people who are staunchly convinced that their position as an underdog is due to their smaller size, either literally or symbolically, which covers up for their own shortcomings.


What a surprising behavior for someone who regularly says that he is a victim of harassment and intimidation! F1SHS has threatened to “file a civil case with the courts” for less than that! F1SHS always make sure to remind everyone of the law and punishments; it seems he forgot to remind himself that public insults is a crime that is punished by the criminal court up to 6 months in prison and 22,500€ fine ?

It is however understandable that F1SHS is irritated by losing face online on top of losing the monopoly for which he cared above all, which allowed him at the same time to make himself unavoidable to get into digital radio, to compile a personal collection of ham radio licenses from other operators, and to advertise exclusively for his personal sites.

With this behavior, F1SHS demonstrates that he is not the appropriate person to be responsible for anything in the french ham-radio realm nor to represent ham radio operators. Many of them had the opportunity to voice this in multiple online polls. The actions of F1SHS look like those of a small dictator seeking more power and recognition, and the french amateur radio community doesn’t want to have anything to do with. It is F1SHS rights to publish whatever he wants on his websites and many social media identities; but not to bully ham operators by attempting at all cost to make them dependant of his will in order to access digital radio modes.