This whistle-blower website was put together after the French Amateur-Radio community got fed up with the harmful actions of F1SHS towards the community. The majority of French amateur radio operators is sick and tired with F1SHS’ threats and intimidations, his selfish takeovers on as many amateur community ressources as he can, his forcing the entire ham community to his own rules and dictatorship, his never-ending lawsuits, his reports to the authorities, his trademark registrations of common ham vocabulary, and the bad atmosphere he casts on the hobby.

The community has had enough of his bullying and this website is a message to F1SHS and his pseudo-association DRAF to leave the community alone and let French hams enjoy their hobby without his tyranny.

F1SHS is systematically suing amateur radios and requesting social media platforms to shutdown accounts of those who simply state facts about his actions. Ham operators can’t afford a legal defense for what is normally supposed to be a hobby, and social media have adopted a cautious approach by removing posts when requested rather than wait or investigate. This is why this independent website is the only way for the community to be heard and express its opinion under the freedom of speech.

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This site does not belong to F1SHS. It is not F1SHS official website, and does not have the intent to appear as such. To go to F1SHS personal website, go to http://www∙f1shs∙fr (or http://f1shs∙free∙fr). This site is strictly informational, and does not encourage anyone to contact or interact with F1SHS directly.