Why does F1SHS want to keep the monopoly of CCS7 IDs in France (via his DRAF association)

F1SHS managed to get the monopoly of CCS7 IDs assignment in France, which are required for any ham to operate on digital modes.

As usual, in order to convince ham representatives from other countries (who are not speaking french and are not aware of ham activities in France) that he is the right person to take this responsibility, he introduces himself as the DRAF Association president.

This is how F1SHS gives the impression that he is heading an organization that is representative of ham radio operators in France and that is operating for the good of french digital ham radio operators. No foreigner will realize that this association has less than 5 members and for which he is the only active person and lifetime president, since its website doesn’t show a member list and is only published in french.

Several french ham radio associations have asked F1SHS to share a block of ID for assignment (as it is done in other countries) but he has always refused for made-up reasons.

A recent poll published by the website OPEN-DMR.FR shows based on 142 unique votes that 67% think « the REF would be the most legitimate association to manage CCS7 IDs in France », in front of the DRAF with only 13% votes.

Sondage Open DMR France : Qui serait le plus légitime pour la gestion CCS7 en France ?

For information, the REF is a real ham-radio association counting 5500+ active members which (unlike the DRAF) is not hiding its members count, its managing members, its meeting minutes, its budget, which are all available on their website. You can also go meet their representatives at their headquarters office or go to one of their local offices.

Another interesting poll on OPEN-DMR is the question « which are the least useful initiatives or groups to DMR in France » : the DRAF comes up first place with 21 votes out of 86.

Sonage: Le DRAF est le groupe le moins utile au DMR en France

But despite those clear messages from the french ham community, F1SHS doesn’t want to let go of the monopoly of CCS7 ID registration in France. Why ?

Until now, many were thinking that F1SHS just wanted to collect a copy of french amateur radio licenses, because he decided by himself (using his DRAF association) to make it a mandatory document to submit; whereas many other countries do not.

However the main reason is now known: F1SHS and his DRAF association have the opportunity to be the first ones to communicate directly by e-mail to hams starting in digital radio or setting up a repeater. This allows F1SHS to CONTROL INFORMATION and promote only his activities and tools, not mentioning other hams groups.

As an example, here is a copy of the e-mail received by those asking for a CCS7 ID for a repeater (translated from french – see french page for the original) :


Dear Ham Operator, 

We just validated your request for a ID-CCS7.

Your ID is 208xxx .

After a few days, this ID will be present in all Europe and USA databases, but you can use it immediately on the DMR-MARC, DMRPlus, DSTAR (IRCDDB/DCS/CCS), P25 et TETRA networks.

At anytime you can check the availability of the frequency you chose for your repeater, with our on-line cooperative tool. We can add any missing repeater in your region if you’d like. It is here: https://docs·google·com/spreadsheets/d/1s8RZoLqkT3KubCt3E6Tb3ZM21bFNCpyg2c3sa7nKgIg/edit?usp=sharing

If you wish to register for the DSTAR (USTRUST) network, you must request it on the DR@F site here : http://draf.asso.fr/d-star/id-ustrust-dstar/

Do not hesitate to visit our informational website and the DR@F association here : http://draf·asso·fr et DMR-FRANCE ® http://dmr-france·org



You can immediately see that the DRAF (an association which pretends to operate for the good of all french ham radio operators) use its ID-CCS7 monopoly to provide information that only serves F1SHS interests. The above e-mail doesn’t mention the names or websites of the largest French amateur radio associations (some of which have thousands of members, in comparison to F1SHS’ DRAF which must have less than 5 members) nor does it mention any digital amateur radio network that F1SHS doesn’t control (including the most utilized DMR amateur radio network in the world, and from which F1SHS’ server has been kicked out) ! It doesn’t specify any other alternatives than those offered by F1SHS, some of which are far better.

Conclusion: F1SHS monopolizes a country-wide registration system and uses it for his own benefit only.

Also note the trademark he uses for the tools mentioned, so he can later threaten people who use the name to remove it from their websites or put a link to his own site.

F1SHS wants to keep the monopoly of ID-CCS7 in order to be the first to promote the networks and tools that he has control over.

It is still the same tune: F1SHS and his DRAF association are not working for the community and are neither altruist or honest. F1SHS created the DRAF association to better reach his personal goals by posing as a representative for the french ham community. His mentality can be well understood when observing that he is the only french ham to trademark common amateur radio vocabulary in order to prevent others hams from using it on their websites.